Buil & Guine – 5/06/2012

Baboix 2008 Montsant (grenache carignan led, some syrah, cabernet, merlot and tempranillo)
Fresh bright red fruits, some raspberry liquorice, slightly fragrant rose petal. Tight lean and fresh, very focused and a little straight. Fresh acids and fruit, brightness and intensity. Clean and relatively balanced. Fairly simple originless fruit-driven fresh approachable style wine of good quality.

Joan Gine 2007 Priorat (grenache, carignan, cabernet sauvignon)
More brooding and intense, earthier, stalkier, still red fruits but very ripe. Pure clean, not at all textured or characterful, fresh vibrant, good fruit, clean and approachable, but far from earth-shattering. Somehow an empty wine, still very drinkable for most of the market.

Pleret 2005 Priorat (old vines, grenache, carignan, merlot cabernet sauvignon, syrah)
More closed, slightly shut down aromatically, very dense earthy mineralic. Bold yet soft, juicy balanced, starting to show some maturity and bottle aged notes of some leather and chocolate. Nice perfume, full and bold, yet soft on the finish. Very good, but am I expecting too much now? Showing some roasted capsicum notes.

Pleret Blanc Dolc (sweet) 2010
Good clarity finesse and minerality. Very vibrant and fruity with a very interesting floral core, some texture and weight, full and bold sweet wine. Nice stone fruit and ripe citrus notes. Clean and fresh, not too cloying or sticky, very adaptable to many types of dessert.

The Buil & Guine winery in the background

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