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The Vincast podcast now on Patreon!

Become a Patron!

In September of 2013 I inauspiciously launched The Vincast wine podcast, hosted by myself The Intrepido Wino. Seven years later I couldn’t have imagined that I would still be hosting (particularly in the time of COVID-19), and I would have had the privilege to welcome so many incredible guests on the show. The support the audience has shown simply by getting in touch or leaving a rating and review has sustained me immensely, and I wouldn’t have continued if I didn’t know that people were enjoying the show and getting something out of it.

So here we are in this new world, starving for connections in an isolated situation, wanting wine content to make up for not being able to eat, drink and shop the same way we used to. For the majority of the time I worked on the podcast I was gainfully employed, fitting in recording and post-production around my work and my family. In April of 2020 my “day job” and sole source of income was made redundant, which though has presented it’s challenges, did allow me to dedicate more time to the show.

Thus I have decided to launch a Patreon page to provide an opportunity for the listeners to not only support myself and my family, but also gain access to additional content and also ways to interact with myself and the guests. I want to make it as democratic as possible, so there are a number of tiers that have numerous incentives in exchange for your support, including the ability to influence the show yourself! So please check out the page, every bit counts to towards the time and financial investment of the show, and allows me to continue to generate more content!

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