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The Vincast with Iwo Jakimowicz from Si Vintners

Iwo Jakimowicz is the ‘I’ in Si Vintners, the ‘S’ being his wife Sarah Morris. In 2010 they bought a historic vineyard in southern Margaret River and immediately began farming it using organic then biodynamic practices, something still uncommon in the region. They have quickly garnered both praise and criticism for their very hands-off approaches, particularly in the winery, in what is a very established and traditional area where significant investment has been made in establishing pedigree and style. Listen to my chat with Iwo as he explains why he and Sarah chose this path, and why they hope that more producers will embrace this approach in the future.

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Iwo Jakimowicz at Si Vintners in the Margaret River

Iwo Jakimowicz at Si Vintners in the Margaret River

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