The Vincast with Matthew Jukes & Zoe Lake for The Wine Rules

Matthew Jukes is one of the most influential wine communicators and professionals in the United Kingdom, particularly for Australian wine. Since entering the wine industry in 1987 he has written countless articles, guides, books and reviews, published in such illustrious places as the Daily Mail, and educated thousands on the joys of wine. Having won numerous prizes and accolades, including being named an honoray Australian of the Year in 2012 for his contributions towards Australian wine, there can be few better patrons for the Melbourne-based St. Mary’s House of Welcome to have for their annual Wine Rules charity event, which this year is being held on the 15th of November. Matthew joins me on this very special episode to talk about his background and journey to launching the event, and then hands over to Zoe Lake who talks about the charity and the event itself.

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Matthew Jukes

Matthew Jukes

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