The Vincast with Angelina Yannuccelli from Tea and Sympathy

Tea and Sympathy is a business started by Angelina Yannuccelli for the sole purpose of importing and selling some of the finest traditional teas produced in Asia. Angelina has long had a love and affinity with tea, and on this episode of The Vincast she introduces us to a bit of the history and tradition of tea, and explains the different styles and best preparation methods to enjoy it.

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2 responses to “The Vincast with Angelina Yannuccelli from Tea and Sympathy

  1. So is Tea the new Wine?

    Will we have tea sommeliers? Tea-Som? Tea-rista?


    And Vitis vinifera is the species name, the Genus is Vitis, vinifera is the specific name, Pinot Noir is a variety of the species, and 777 is a clone of the variety.

    Good episode.



  2. In fact there are a few restaurants up in Melbourne already with tea sommeliers and they can match teas to a degustation!

    Thanks for listening and commenting Paul, been a while since my studies so thanks for reminding me on the specifics of viticulture. Hope you’ll listen to some more and love to receive the feedback.



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